Month: November 2018

#BlackFriday Deals With ATICO Jewels Program

Kick off this weekend with the #BlackFriday deals! Made even better with VISA INVESTBANK.
Starting tomorrow and till 26/11, get 5% cash back on all your online transactions using any of #INVESTBANK credit cards.
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Fakhreldin Restaurant featured in Tip n’Tag blog The Weekender, “True Meat Lover’s Guide”

It’s hard to have self-control as dozens of mezze bowls land on your table at Fakhreldin. Before you go in for that third deep-fried kubbeh though, remind yourself to save some space for the big finale. Even if you go too hard on the bread at first, you can still take your leisurely time eating and drinking Arak for hours. Just make sure you don’t plan any romantic rendezvous after all the garlic dip.

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Pre-order your turkey and receive 15% off

Pre-order your Thanksgiving Turkey before the 25th of November and get 15% off! The holidays are just around the corner! Save yourselves the hassle and let us do the cooking!
For more information call: 0799063601