Month: February 2019

Mr. Ragheb Alama visits Fakhreldin Restaurant

On 16th of February 2019, it was a great honor to welcome Mr. Alama to Fakhreldin Restaurant. Mr. Alama is famous Lebanese singer, composer, television personality and philanthropist.   He has won several awards during his career, which have made him one of the most commercially successful singers in the Arab world.

Well-known Egyptian TV Host interview with famous Egyptian actress Sabrine mentions Fakhreldin Restaurant (1.37), January 2019

الفنانة صابرين تكشف تفاصيل علاقتها مع أبنائها الأربعة وزوجها .. وعمرو أديب: إنتي بتصغري يا صابرين#الحكاية مع #عمرو_اديب

Posted by ‎الحكاية‎ on Wednesday, January 30, 2019