Month: January 2020

Faces of ATICO

Faces of ATICO features multiple videos of the team telling their stories. Customer Relations Manager Ms. Rania Wadi shares her experience with ATICO Fakhreldin Group since she first began in 2011 as a Customer Care Officer. The video also covers her commitment and fondness to participate, for the past 5 years with the Corporate Social Responsibility program, the Wish Tree and her gratitude to Ms. Abeer Fakhriddin, Director of Communications and CSR, who taught her a lot.

Wish Tree Initiative for the 5th Year

For the fifth consecutive year and due to the great success of the previous years, ATICO Fakhreldin Group launched its famous “Wish Tree” at AlQasr Metropole Hotel, Fakhreldin, Ren Chai, Yoshi and Wild Jordan Center. Each tree was filled with letters hand written by young boys and girls from the SOS Children’s Villages from Amman, Irbid and Aqaba, with their hopes and wishes. Generous customers replaced their letters with various donations to make dreams come true!

ATICO Fakhreldin Group’s Santa and helpers visited each village and handed them their gifts, with healthy meals from Kebab Express. The ‘Wish Trees’ bought together an opportunity for ATICO Fakhreldin Group to enhance its sense of corporate social responsibility and engage its loyal customers towards a worthy cause. It is a strong obligation towards the community that gives it the drive to create and develop ideas to support and help various foundations.

Welcoming celebrity Ragheb Alama

It was a great honor to welcome him for lunch on December the 31st, 2019. Always a great pleasure to see him! Ragheb Alama is a Lebanese singer, composer, television personality, and philanthropist.


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Happy New Year from all of us!

Looking back at 2019, we’re proud to say we’ve created lasting relationships with our dear clients, shared with them their special moments, introduced new menus, revamped Kebab Express, presented Faces of ATICO showcasing some of our great teams’ achievements, introduced dog walks at Wild Jordan Center and enjoyed many blogger challenges!! We promise 2020 will be even more exciting! We hope you’ll enjoy the ride!