ATICO Fakhreldin Group is moving forward with planting its own urban organic gardens. The new trend comes from taking matters into its own hands to produce local and sustainable food. Their pilot project began a few weeks ago in Fakhreldin Restaurant, 1st Circle, where beds of seeds were planted. The Chef and our dedicated gardeners bought together the concept of sustainable gardening, whereby everyday plants and herbs were embedded. Fakhreldin has also introduced composting, to enhance its waste management methods and eliminate the use of pesticides and fertilizers. The Chef Garden, at ATICO Fakhreldin Group head offices, Shmeisani, is also well underway, where by a combination of local seeds were planted. These plants and herbs include; mint, rocca, sage, rosemary, green onions, garden cress, spinach, parsley, coriander, local lettuce, za’atar, radish and cauliflower. On a larger scale, the Fakhriddin Family farm continues to utilize its space, to incorporate a sustainable concept as well, with an array of seasonal crops.